Grad Party Top Trends: WEAREABLE ART

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We are always keeping an eye out for the top trends to follow and break barriers. Our Creative Director loves to play with our imagination and experiment with different ways of constructing objects. Fashion creations are turning into art pieces to then become WEARABLE ART to amaze all of our followers.
From surrealist pieces to abstract ones, our designers produce wearable sculptures that are as breathtaking as any Renaissance artwork. These creative designers’ works look as beautiful strutting down the runway, as they do during our Carnival Party Experiences creating a breathtaking  Graduation Party of the Escuela Americana in El Salvador.


There’s a PARTY for EVERY DAD!!

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This Father’s Day, dad just got COOLER!
It doesn´t matter if he wears ties or if he prefers top hats, for this year Father’s Day Celebration the hottest dads are now accessorizing for all of their party events! On Father’s Day Weekend set up you dad with the most awesome of the latest party accessories trends and let him be the coolest dad ever. Here are two of the most wanted styles for your Father’s Day celebration party!








JUNE is for DAD 👨🕶👔

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WHETHER THE FATHER IN YOUR LIFE IS a master griller, sports junkie, or cocktail enthusiast, we’ve found a fantastic way to make his celebration better than ever! Our Bow Ties are sure to make your dad as dapper as ever while celebrating father’s day! So if you are planning on celebrating dad make sure you do it in style! MORE of our DAD inspired 🕶👔PARTY ACCESSORIES TO COME! STAY TOONED! 🎉🎁